Addressing Relocation Concerns, Embrace the Dawn of Your Fresh Start

Our moving service simplifies your move. We handle packing, transportation, and unpacking with care, ensuring a stress-free experience. Trust us to safely deliver your belongings, so you can embrace your new beginning worry-free.

Tailored Moving assistance to suit your needs

Personalized Support for Your Move

Experience the Difference with Our Personalized Moving Support.

Box Delivery and Packing Supplies

Convenient Box Delivery and Top-Quality Packing Supplies for Your Move.

Cleaning and Packing Services On Demand

Enjoy Hassle-Free Moves with Our On-Demand Cleaning and Packing Services.

Carrying and Transport Solutions

Effortless Relocation with Our Expert Carrying and Transport Solutions.

Quality-Assured Assistance Tailored to Your Needs

Your Move, Your Way: Quality-Assured Assistance Customized Just for You.

Sorting and Waste Disposal Services

Simplify Your Move with Our Professional Sorting and Waste Disposal Services.

Advantages of choosing Flyttehjelp Oslo as your

Moving agency

Proven experience

Top notch quality

At flyttehjelposlo, we're your all-in-one moving solution. Our high-quality services include top-notch packing materials, secure transportation, and expert handling. We tailor our services to your unique requirements for a stress-free experience. With punctuality, reliability, and transparent communication, choose us for a hassle-free move

Proven experience

All-in-one solution for your moving needs

At flyttehjelposlo, we're your all-in-one moving solution. Our high-quality services encompass everything you need for a smooth move, from top-notch packing materials to secure transportation and expert handling. We tailor our services to your unique requirements, ensuring a stress-free experience. With us, you can count on punctuality, reliability, and transparent communication, providing peace of mind throughout your move. Choose flyttehjelposlo for a hassle-free and high-quality moving experience

Moving agency in Oslo

FlyttehjelpOslo , strategically located in Oslo, primarily caters to clients in the Oslo and Viken regions. For larger-scale assignments, our relocation support extends to the entirety of Eastern Norway, accommodating both residential and commercial moves. If you're planning a move between cities, such as from Oslo to Bergen, we offer dependable long-distance moving services to ensure a hassle-free transition.

Moving agency in Oslo

Piano moving

FlyttehjelpOslo is renowned for its extensive experience in piano relocation. Our team possesses the expertise, techniques, and specialized equipment required for the safe transport of pianos and grand pianos. Our utmost priority is ensuring the safety of both the instrument and our dedicated staff during the relocation process. We are frequently entrusted with piano moves by prominent retailers in Oslo, Asker, and Bærum, guaranteeing efficient, secure, and cost-effective services. Beyond pianos, we specialize in moving other substantial items such as safes, fire cabinets, and gun cabinets. With us, you can count on a swift and punctual service, adhering to agreed timelines and pricing. Our piano moving services extend across Oslo, Asker, and Bærum and throughout Viken County.

Office move

Relocating to new office spaces poses a complex set of challenges. The demands of company relocation are multifaceted, encompassing the termination of agreements and insurance policies, as well as the careful transport of furniture, electronics, and other assets to the new business premises. Amidst the move, it's crucial to ensure the continuity of day-to-day operations. FlyttehjelpOslo, a seasoned moving company, boasts a rich history of successfully handling office relocations for both large corporations and small businesses. Our extensive experience makes us a comprehensive partner for corporate and public sector moves alike. Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary site assessment.

Cleaing after moving

When you're gearing up for a move, entrust us with a comprehensive cleaning service at a fixed rate. Moving entails a multitude of tasks, and FlyttehjelpOslo is here to streamline the cleaning process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move. Our moving cleaning service adheres to high standards, and we guarantee a thorough job. Throughout the year, we perform numerous move-out cleanings, and our friendly cleaning team possesses extensive experience with homes, apartments, and office spaces. Pricing varies based on the size of your residence, and this will be clarified during your inspection. Opt for both moving and cleaning services with us, and enjoy an additional discount at FlyttehjelpOslo!


FlyttehjelpOslo has established partnerships with mini-warehouses, providing convenient short- and long-term storage solutions for individuals and businesses. If you require storage during your move, we seamlessly transport your belongings directly to the storage facility. Our storage facilities can accommodate a wide range of items, from pianos to large furniture, ensuring secure and practical storage options for households and businesses alike. With 24/7 accessibility, our storage services are designed for easy and efficient retrieval. Discover our storage solutions in Oslo, Asker, and Bærum.

Rent a moving car

If you prefer to handle the packing and loading yourself and simply need reliable transportation,FlyttehjelpOslo has you covered. We offer rental of moving vans with experienced drivers to ensure the safe delivery of your belongings. Our friendly drivers are well-versed in navigating Norwegian roads, guaranteeing a smooth transport experience. We cater to transportation needs in Oslo, Asker, and Bærum.

For a stress-free and efficient move in Oslo, FlyttehjelpOslo is your trusted partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have moving materials?

Yes, we have all the moving materials and equipment you need. Including moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, moving blankets and packing tape.

How does payment work?

We have a bank terminal or more we can always take cash.

Can you assist with packing?

Yes, we assist with packing if you wish. Then we take all the moving material with us. If you want to pack yourself, we can deliver moving materials for you in advance.

How is volume calculated?

Volume is calculated according to the weight and size of objects. That is, height and width * weight. For smaller moving assignments, we give a fixed price via e-mail or telephone, if we receive approx. volume. For larger moving assignments, we come out for an inspection, calculate the volume and give a concrete price offer then and there.

Do you offer moving laundry?

Yes, we offer quality-assured moving cleaning. If you order removal and removal cleaning with us, you get a discount on the cleaning.

Do you offer storage?

If you want to store items for the short or long term, we offer intermediate storage throughout Eastern Norway. We have agreements with serious mini warehouses. Your assets are in safe hands.

Do you take away rubbish and waste?

Yes, we take away rubbish and waste. We focus on the environment and always sort at the source.

Do you offer a fixed price?

Yes, we offer a fixed price. The price is then calculated in advance, and you receive a concrete offer for the price of the move. You can also choose an hourly rate if you wish.

We want to pack and carry ourselves. How does it work?

If you want to pack and carry yourself, we offer a moving van with a driver. You pack and carry, we transport to the desired location.

I only need carrying help, what do I do?

Do you not need transport, but only assistance with carrying? We offer carrying help in the Oslo, Asker and Bærum area. If you need help moving outside these areas, we recommend that you contact a local moving agency.

Can you assist with installation?

Yes, our skilled fitters assist with the installation of cupboards, wardrobes, shelves, heat pumps, white goods and kitchens.

Do you move for companies?

Yes, we offer office relocation and company relocation for organizations and companies of all sizes. flyttehjelposlo.  has extensive experience with organization and relocation for companies.

Do you offer moving on weekends?

Yes, we offer removal both at weekends, holidays and in the evenings.

Are you moving across Norway?

Yes, we move all over Norway. Including from Oslo, to Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen and Tromsø. We also offer moving abroad. (all cities in Europe)

Can the move be cancelled?

Moving can be cancelled, but it must be done seven days in advance. In writing by e-mail or by telephone.

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